Bronze Memorials

In addition to high-quality granite monuments, Brachendorf Memorials also creates custom bronze plaques and memorials to commemorate people or important historical events. A proclamation for generations to come, these plaques will speak your words for decades. Is the plaque part of a series? We can design your new plaque to match existing ones. Add something new! Let us ensure existing bronze memorials purchased elsewhere will match the new memorial as a courtesy.
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Bronze Memorials

This monument material can be used on its own or as a placard on a stone base.

This particular metal will not succumb to decay or rust making it a good choice for perpetual monuments.


Bronze Will Last A Lifetime

Whether you would like to memorialize your family member or record a historical feat or fact for your town, our bronze memorials can be customized to your exact specifications.

Work with our help staff to design a tribute the departed would be proud of.


Unique Styles

  • Various sizes and shapes
  • Raised lettering in a variety of text style
  • Wide variety of borders
  • Plaques custom created for special occasions
  • Photo reliefs and images can be added
  • Single cast piece